Top Quality Service at Every Level

Laukka Management believes that a community association management company should professionally, efficiently, and quietly add value to the homeownership experience.

To address this philosophy, a program is specifically designed to meet each community’s wants and needs and often times includes major support systems defined as:

  • Full preparation of financial statements, including a balance sheet, profit and loss statement with budget variances, the general ledger and its related subsidiary ledgers and an aging report detailing accounts receivable;
  • Study and analysis of reserves for future maintenance;
  • 24 hour emergency response service;
  • Representation at all Board of Directors meetings, Annual Meetings and Special Meetings;
  • Negotiation with, and supervision of, all contractors and outside vendors;
  • Recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding rules and regulations, budgets, policies, procedures, etc. and management and administrative counsel when requested;
  • Full real estate disclosure to assist in resale and refinancing requests from homeowners;
  • A staff with real estate brokers, licensed agents, individuals with boiler licenses and nursery licenses, experienced construction managers, etc; and
  • Developing, hosting and maintaining a web site for each community.

To complement and augment the major management support functions, Laukka Management also provides specific services that commonly fall into one of the four basic areas listed below. The objective in providing these services is to provide Laukka Management clients with the highest level of professional property management available today.


  • Collect Assessments
  • File Liens
  • Administer Foreclosure Proceedings
  • Approve Invoices
  • Prepare and Process Checks
  • Sign Checks
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Administer The Preparation of State and Federal Tax Returns
  • Facilitate the Financial Review/Audit Process
  • Prepare and Present Operating Budgets
  • Analyze Reserve Fund Plans


  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Attend Special Meetings
  • Attend Annual Meetings
  • Transcribe Meeting Minutes
  • Maintain Resident Rosters
  • Maintain Records and Files
  • Prepare Resale/Refinance Disclosure Certificates
  • Administer Resident Orientation
  • Edit, Type & Distribute Newsletters
  • Process Special Mailings
  • Establish and Present Yearly Management Plans
  • Maintain a 24-Hour Emergency Answering Service
  • Serve as the Legal (Attorney) Liaison
  • Serve as the Municipality Liaison
  • Record & Process Work Orders
  • Maintain Inventory of Association Property
  • Correspond with Residents
  • Enforce Rules and Regulations


  • Prepare Maintenance Specifications
  • Procure Maintenance Bids
  • Supervise Outside Contractors (Lawn care, snow removal, etc)
  • Supervise Employees
  • Perform Minor Repairs/Maintenance
  • Perform Regular Property Inspections
  • Perform Common Element Cleaning
  • Participate in Capital Improvement Planning
  • Implement Capital Improvement Projects


  • Review Governing Documents
  • Assess Policies and Procedures
  • Develop Operating Budgets
  • Review Contracts
  • Develop Capital Reserve Plans
  • Advise Board Members on Community Governance

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